Friday, 23 May 2014

Paraviewing a decomposed case

I seem to recall that it was once possible to load an unreconstructed case directly with paraFoam, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.  However, Paraview's OpenFOAM reader can deal with a decomposed case, so the answer is to simply start up Paraview (as opposed to paraFoam), change "Reconstructed Case" to "Decomposed Case" and there you go.  OK, how do you load an OpenFOAM case?  It turns out that you simply need any file with the extension "foam" in your case directory, and this is the file that you load, either from the command line when starting Paraview or from the File menu once in Paraview.  Someone once suggested always creating a file called bananas.foam, which makes it easy to remember and unlikely to clash with anything meaningful.  So touch bananas.foam followed by paraview bananas.foam is the obvious and natural way of loading an OpenFOAM case into Paraview.

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